tableproperties TrvActionTableProperties


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tableproperties TrvActionTableProperties


TrvActionTableProperties is the action for "Table | Table Properties" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionTableProperties = class(TrvActionTableCell)



The action displays a dialog for editing table properties. If the table has no selection (i.e. the caret is placed to the right or to the left of the table), this dialog has one page ("Table"). If there is a multicell selection or an edited cell, the dialog has additional pages ("Rows", "Columns", "Cells").

The same dialog is shown by TrvActionItemProperties action. But TrvActionItemProperties edits properties of an item at the position of caret. For example, if a picture inside a table is selected, TrvActionItemProperties edits this picture, while TrvActionTableProperties edits this table.

The user can check "Default" check box in this dialog to assign properties of new tables.

When the action assigns background images of tables and cells, the action assigns their BackgroundImageFileName properties, if rvoAssignImageFileNames is included in the Options property of the target editor.