TRVALocString, TRVALocStrings, TRVALocStringList

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TRVALocString, TRVALocStrings, TRVALocStringList

unit RVALocalize;

If TNT controls are not used:


  TRVALocString = String;

  TRVALocStrings = TStrings;

  TRVALocStringList = TStringList;

If TNT controls are used:


  TRVALocString = WideString;

  TRVALocStrings = TTntStrings;

  TRVALocStringList = TTntStringList;

Strings of these types are used in user interface of RichViewActions.

If TNT controls are used, or in Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer, the strings are Unicode (UTF-16).

In Lazarus, the strings are Unicode (UTF-8).

In older versions of Delphi, the strings are ANSI strings. Charset of these strings for the active language is returned by RVA_GetCharset.