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Occurs when the user clicks "Ignore All" command in the menu.


  TRVALiveSpellIgnoreAllEvent = procedure (Sender: TRVAPopupMenu;

    Edit: TCustomRichViewEdit; const Word: TRVUnicodeString; StyleNo: Integer) of object;

  TRVA2LiveSpellIgnoreAllEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject;

    Edit: TCustomRichViewEdit; const Word: TRVUnicodeString; StyleNo: Integer) of object;

For TRVAPopupMenu:

property OnLiveSpellIgnoreAll: TRVALiveSpellIgnoreAllEvent;

For TRVATBPopupMenu, TRVATBXPopupMenu, TRVASPTBXPopupMenu:

property OnLiveSpellIgnoreAll: TRVA2LiveSpellIgnoreAllEvent; 

This event is used for live spelling check.

Word is a word for adding to the ignore list.

StyleNo is an index of text style for this word in Edit.Style.TextStyles.

If SpellInterface is used, this command is processed automatically.

Otherwise, use this event for adding word to the ignore list (this command appear in the menu only if this event is assigned).

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