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Occurs before Word is changed to Correction in Edit.


  TRVALiveSpellReplaceEvent = procedure (Sender: TRVAPopupMenu;

    Edit: TCustomRichViewEdit; const Word, Correction: TRVUnicodeString; StyleNo: Integer) of object;

  TRVA2LiveSpellReplaceEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject;

    Edit: TCustomRichViewEdit; const Word, Correction: TRVUnicodeString; StyleNo: Integer) of object;

For TRVAPopupMenu:

property OnLiveSpellWordReplace: TRVALiveSpellReplaceEvent; 

For TRVATBPopupMenu, TRVATBXPopupMenu, TRVASPTBXPopupMenu:

property OnLiveSpellWordReplace: TRVA2LiveSpellReplaceEvent;

This event is used for live spelling check. It occurs when the user clicks on one of suggestions for the misspelled word in the menu.

StyleNo is an index of text style for this word in Edit.Style.TextStyles.

Processing this event is not necessary. It may be used if a spellchecker can use a history of replacements to generate better suggestions in future.

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