TRVFileFormatComponent, TRVHTMLComponent, TRVXMLComponent

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TRVFileFormatComponent, TRVHTMLComponent, TRVXMLComponent

TRVFileFormatComponent is a base class for components allowing to load and save TRichView documents in files of various formats.

Unit RVFile;


TRVFileFormatComponent = class (TComponent);
TRVHTMLComponent = class (TRVFileFormatComponent);
TRVXMLComponent = class (TRVFileFormatComponent);



Although RVFile unit is included in TRichView, not in RichViewActions, we describe it here, because it is used in RichViewActions.

This class is not used directly. Instead, the following inherited components are used:

TRichViewXML: allows loading, saving, and inserting XML files (an alternative to RVF);

TrvHtmlImporter: basic component for inserting and pasting HTML files; it can be used to load and save them, but it is not recommended;

TrvHtmlViewImporter: component for loading, saving, inserting and pasting HTML files.

These components are not included in RichViewActions. However, they are installed by TRichView Setup (if possible). RichViewActions can use them; but if you do not use them in your application, their code is not linked to your exe-file.

See also properties of TRVAControlPanel: