Third-Party Tools | RichViewXML

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Third-Party Tools | RichViewXML

RichViewXML provides an alternative to RVF way for lossless storing of RichView documents.

If activated, RichViewActions support RichView XML files in the following actions:





RichViewXML is installed by TRichView Setup.

How to use

Place TRVAControlPanel component on a form. If you have more than one TRVAControlPanel component in your application, link it to actions.

Assign TRichViewXML component to TRVAControlPanel.XMLComponent.

Make sure that ffiXML is in Filter of TrvActionOpen, TrvActionInsertFile, ffeXML in Filter of TrvActionSaveAs, TrvActionExport.

You can change a file filter for XML files: see TRVAControlPanel.XMLFilter property.