Third-Party Tools | RvHtmlImporter (deprecated)

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Third-Party Tools | RvHtmlImporter (deprecated)

Deprecated. TRichView HTML methods for HTML import provide better result.

RVHTMLImporter allows importing HTML files in TCustomRichView components.

RichViewAction support RVHTMLImporter in the following actions:

TrvActionInsertFile (RVHTMLImporter replaces the MS Office HTML import converter in the file insertion dialog)


TrvActionPaste (pasted if not RVF or non-empty RTF available in the Clipboard)

RVHTMLImporter is installed by TRichView Setup

How to use

Place TRVAControlPanel component on a form. If you have more than one TRVAControlPanel component in your application, link it to actions.

Assign TRvHtmlImporter component to TRVAControlPanel.HTMLComponent.

Make sure that ffiHTML is in Filter property of TrvActionInsertFile action.

Include rvddHTML in AcceptPasteFormats property of the editor.

See also:

PasteHTML procedure