rvstyletemplatecombobox TRVStyleTemplateComboBox, rvstyletemplatelistbox TRVStyleTemplateListBox

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TRVStyleTemplateComboBox is a combo-box for choosing a style template.

TRVStyleTemplateListBox is a list-box for choosing a style template.

Unit RVStyleFuncs;

Syntax, if TNT Controls are not used:

TRVStyleTemplateComboBox = class(TCustomComboBox)

TRVStyleTemplateListBox = class(TCustomListBox)

Syntax, if TNT Controls are used:

TRVStyleTemplateComboBox = class(TTntCustomComboBox)

TRVStyleTemplateListBox = class(TTntCustomListBox)



These component allow applying style templates to Editor. The components require Editor.UseStyleTemplates=True, otherwise their Items are empty.

The components work automatically: place them on a form, assign Editor property; no additional code is required, unless you want to process "All Styles" command in OnClickAllStyles event.

By default, the components show only style templates in use, "quick access" style templates, and heading style templates. You can display all style templates by assigning ShowAllStyles=True.

If ShowClearFormat=True, the components display "Clear Format" command.

You can display icons in items by assigning Images and image indices.

When the application language is changed, call Localize.

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