TRVCamera.CameraHost, CameraPort

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The properties specify the IP camera's host and port.

property CameraHost: String;

property CameraPort: Word;

These properties are used only if DeviceType=rvdtIPCamera.

CameraPort is also used together with URL property.

Default values:

CameraHost: '' (empty string)

CameraPort: 0 (=  INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER, using the protocol-specific default)

If CycleVideoImages=True, a video from the IP camera is read from the files specified in VideoImagesURL.

To play video from the camera, first call SearchCamera, then PlayVideoStream.

Note: if SearchCamera founds the camera, and this camera is not a controllable camera manufactured by Foscam, Axis, D-Link or Panasonic, CameraHost and CameraPort properties are cleared, and the address of MJPEG stream is assigned to URL.

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