TRVCamera.CameraHost, CameraPort, RTSPPort

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TRVCamera.CameraHost, CameraPort, RTSPPort

The properties specify the IP camera's host and port.

property CameraHost: String;

property CameraPort: Word;

property RTSPPort: Word;

These properties are used only if DeviceType=rvdtIPCamera.

If camera's video protocol is RTSP, it may use different ports for commands and for video stream. In this case, specify the port for commands in CameraPort, and the port for video in RTSPPort.

CameraPort/RTSPPort is also used together with URL property.

Default values:

CameraHost: '' (empty string)

CameraPort: 0 (=  INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER, using the protocol-specific default)

RTSPort: 0 (=  INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER, using the protocol-specific default)

If CycleVideoImages=True, a video from the IP camera is read from the files specified in VideoImagesURL.

To play video from the camera, first call SearchCamera, then PlayVideoStream.

Note: if SearchCamera founds the camera, and this camera is not a controllable camera manufactured by Foscam, Axis, D-Link or Panasonic, CameraHost and CameraPort properties are cleared, and the address of video stream is assigned to URL.

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