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Specifies the source video device type.


  // defined in MRVType unit

  TRVDeviceType = (rvdtIPCamera, rvdtWebCamera, rvdtDesktop,

    rvdtFile, rvdtRTSP, rvdtHTTP, rvdtUserData);

property DeviceType: TRVDeviceType;






IP Camera producing MJPEG or H.264 video stream via HTTP or TCP. CameraHost:CameraPort or URL properties are used.

Video format is specified in VideoFormat.

not used

not required for MJPEG;

required otherwise


USB webcam. VideoDeviceIndex property is used.

not used


Screen or window. DesktopMode property is used.

not used


Video from a file. SourceFileName property is used.

not used

used optionally**


Video via RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocoll)*. URL property is used.

Video format is specified in VideoFormat*.

either GStreamer or FFmpeg is required


Video via HTTP*. URL property is used.

Video format is specified in VideoFormat*.

not required for MJPEG;

either GStreamer or FFmpeg is required otherwise


Video provided by the application, using OnNewImage event

not used

* the specified video format and network protocol are used in GStreamer; for FFmpeg, they are detected automatically.

** local files can be played either using FFmpeg or DirectX. DirectX can be used only in VCL and LCL for Windows. For FireMonkey and other OS, FFmpeg is necessary.


If FFmpeg or GStreamer 1.0 are used, rvdtRTSP and rvdtHTTP are processed identically: the real protocol (rtsp, http, https or udp) is autodetected. There is only one difference: for rvdtRTSP, the default port (which is used if not specified in URL) is RTSPPort.

If GStreamer 0.1 is used, rvdtRTSP and rvdtHTTP must strictly correspond to the stream protocol.

For GStreamer 1.0, RVMedia can display UDP stream received by the given computer. You just need to specify the port to listen. The URL format must be 'udp://:5600' (for listening the port 5600), or simply 'udp://', if the port is specified in CameraPort or RTSPPort. The supported stream formats are H.264 or MJpeg (defined in VideoFormat property).

For GStreamer 1.0, you can specify your own GStreamerProperty.LaunchString, if you need a protocol or format that cannot be defined in DeviceType and VideoFormat properties.


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