TRVCamera.DesktopMode, DesktopRect, DesktopWindowHandle, DesktopZoomPercent

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TRVCamera.DesktopMode, DesktopRect, DesktopWindowHandle, DesktopZoomPercent

These properties specify a part of desktop for encoding into a video.

  TRVDesktopMode = (rvdmAll, rvdmRect, rvdmForm); // defined in MRVType unit
property DesktopMode: TRVDesktopMode;
property DesktopRect: TRect
property DesktopWindowHandle: THandle;

property DesktopZoomPercent: Integer

These properties are used if DeviceType=rvdtDesktop.




A whole desktop or a whole monitor is used as a source, see VideoDevice*** properties


A rectangle defined in DesktopRect is used


A window (of this application) specified in DesktopWindowHandle is used. If DesktopWindowHandle=0, the main form is used.

DesktopZoomPercent scales the resulting video frames. For example, DesktopZoomPercent=100 leaves frames unchanged (100% size), DesktopZoomPercent=50 shrinks its width and height to 50%. Assign values in the range 1..99 to reduce frame size and thus to reduce traffic. It is also possible to assign values larger than 100 to make frames larger, but it makes no sense.

Default value

DesktopMode: rvdmFull

DesktopWindowHandle: 0

DesktopZoomPercent: 100

See also

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