TRVCamera.Get- SetDesktopVideoMode, etc.

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TRVCamera.Get- SetDesktopVideoMode, etc.

A set of methods for managing primary monitor video modes.

function GetDesktopVideoModeCount: Integer;
function GetDesktopVideoModeIndex: Integer;
function GetDesktopCurrentVideoMode(

  var DesktopVideoMode: TRVDesktopVideoMode): Boolean;
function SetDesktopVideoMode(const Index: Integer): Boolean;
function GetDesktopVideoMode(const Index: Integer;

  var VideoMode: TRVDesktopVideoMode): Boolean;

The methods can be used if DeviceType=rvdtDesktop.

GetDesktopVideoModeCount returns the count of available video modes for the primary monitor. GetDesktopVideoMode returns information about the specified mode (Index parameter must be in range 0..GetDesktopVideoModeCount-1). SetDesktopVideoMode changes the desktop mode to the Index-th mode.

GetDesktopCurrentVideoMode returns information about the current video mode.

GetDesktopVideoModeIndex returns the index of the current video mode.