TRVCamera.Get- SetCamVideoMode, etc.

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TRVCamera.Get- SetCamVideoMode, etc.

A set of methods for managing video modes of local web cameras (i.e. local video capture devices).

function GetCamVideoModeCount: Integer;
function GetCamVideoModeIndex: Integer;
function GetCamCurrentVideoMode(

  var CamVideoMode: TRVCamVideoMode): Boolean;
function SetCamVideoMode(const Index: Integer): Boolean;
function GetCamVideoMode(const Index: Integer;

  var VideoMode: TRVCamVideoMode) : Boolean;

The methods can be used if DeviceType=rvdtWebCamera.

GetCamVideoModeCount returns the count of available modes for the current web camera. GetCamVideoMode returns information about the specified mode (Index parameter must be in range 0..GetCamVideoModeCount-1). SetCamVideoMode changes the web camera mode to the Index-th mode (but it may fail for some modes).

GetCamCurrentVideoMode returns information about the current video mode.

GetCamVideoModeIndex returns the index of the current video mode (this method is inaccurate: it returns the index of the first video mode having TRVCamVideoMode matching the current video mode; however, video modes may include additional parameters, not included in TRVCamVideoMode record; they are ignored when finding the index).

Assigning a new value to VideoResolution may change the current video mode (the most similar video mode is selected). After calling SetCamVideoMode, VideoResolution is ignored until you assign a different value to this property. When initializing a web camera, a video mode is chosen according to VideoResolution.