TRVCamera.IPCameraTypes (read-only)

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TRVCamera.IPCameraTypes (read-only)

When connected to an IP camera (after a camera searching is complete), returns the camera model.

property IPCameraTypes: TRVCameraTypes;

If the value is one of [rvctFoscam], [rvctPanasonic], [rvctAxis], [rvctDLink], TRVCamera supports not only displaying, but configuring and controlling the camera movement (if the camera allows it). Even if the found camera is created by another manufacturer but supports the protocol of these camera models, it will be detected as [rvctFoscam], [rvctPanasonic], [rvctAxis] or [rvctDLink], and can be controlled in the same way. For example, Samsung cameras supporting the Axis protocol will be detected as [Axis]. More specific camera model can be read from Parameters.Alias property.

Many manufactures creates clones of cameras of manufactures listed in TRVCameraTypes, or cameras having compatible interface. These cameras will be detected too.

If this property contains multiple values, this means that these camera models have identical address of MJPEG stream, so TRVCamera is not sure which manufacturer created this camera.

In any case, TRVCamera does not guarantee that the camera is really created by a manufacturers listed in this property.