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This property contains sub-properties returning information about the IP-camera (if the camera supports it) and allowing to change them (if the camera supports it).

property Parameters: TRVCameraParameters;

TRVCameraParameters includes the following properties:

ID: String;

Version: String;

Alias: String;*

Network: TRVCamNetworkProperties;

DateTimeParameter: TRVDateTimeParameter;

WirelessLan: TRVWirelessLan;


UPnPtoMapPort: Boolean;

MailService: TRVMailService;

FtpService: TRVFtpService;

AlarmService: TRVAlarmService;

PTZSettings: TRVPTZSettings;

Decoder: TRVDecoder;


* Note about Alias property

Alias is assigned:

for IP cameras: by SearchCamera method. If the found camera's API allows it, Alias receives the camera name. Otherwise, it is assigned to the name of the found group of camera models (which is not necessary correct, because different camera models may have the same video URL)

for local web cameras: when changing a value of VideoDeviceIndex, Alias receives the name of the chosen local camera

for desktop: when changing a value of VideoDeviceIndex, Alias receives the description of the chosen display.

If you assign property AutoUpdateAlias  = False, Alias will not be updated automatically, so it keeps the value that was assigned to it.

Alias can be displayed in captions of video viewers, see TRVCamView.CaptionParts property.


TRVCameraParameters includes the following read-only properties:

CameraHost: String;

IPCameraTypes: TRVCameraTypes;

DeviceType: TRVDeviceType;

UserAccess: TRVUserAccess;

IPCameraTypesStr: String;

UserAccessStr: String;

For detailed information about these properties, see the demo

Demos\Cameras\MediaTest_Delphi (for Delphi)

Demos\Cameras\MediaTest_Lazarus (for Lazarus)