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This property contains sub-properties returning information about the IP-camera (if the camera supports it).

property Parameters: TRVCameraParameters;

TRVCameraParameters includes the following properties:

ID: String;

Version: String;

Alias: String;

Network: TRVCamNetworkProperties;

DateTimeParameter: TRVDateTimeParameter;

WirelessLan: TRVWirelessLan;


UPnPtoMapPort: Boolean;

MailService: TRVMailService;

FtpService: TRVFtpService;

AlarmService: TRVAlarmService;

PTZSettings: TRVPTZSettings;

Decoder: TRVDecoder;

TRVCameraParameters includes the following read-only properties:

CameraHost: String;

IPCameraTypes: TRVCameraTypes;

DeviceType: TRVDeviceType;

UserAccess: TRVUserAccess;

IPCameraTypesStr: String;

UserAccessStr: String;

For detailed information about these properties, see the demo

Demos\Cameras\MediaTest_Delphi (for Delphi)

Demos\Cameras\MediaTest_Lazarus (for Lazarus)