TRVCamView.ShowCaption, CaptionParts, Title, CaptionColor, CaptionFont, CaptionHeight

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TRVCamView.ShowCaption, CaptionParts, Title, CaptionColor, CaptionFont, CaptionHeight

The properties define how the window caption is displayed.

type // defined in MRVType unit

  TRVCameraCaptionPart = (rvccpAddress, rvccpAlias, rvccpDate, rvccpTime);

  TRVCameraCaptionParts = set of TRVCameraCaptionPart;

property ShowCaption: Boolean;

property Title: String;

property CaptionParts: TRVCameraCaptionParts;

property CaptionColor: TColor;

property CaptionFont: TFont;

property CaptionHeight: Integer;

A caption is displayed if ShowCaption=True. Its background is painted with CaptionColor. When activating Delphi XE2+ styles, system colors are changed to the corresponding style colors.

If ShowFrameRect=True, CaptionColor is also used for drawing a frame around the whole window.

The caption's text is drawn using CaptionFont and consists of Title and additional information specified in CaptionParts:




IP camera address




the current date


the current time

The information specified in CaptionParts is shown only if VideoSource is TRVCamera.


CaptionHeight defines the caption height in 96 DPI screen mode. When the screen DPI is different, the caption height is changed accordingly.

Default values

ShowCaption: True

Title: '' (empty string)

CaptionParts: [rvccpAddress, rvccpAlias, rvccpDate, rvccpTime]

CaptionColor: $00A77E4F

CaptionFont: MS Sans Serif, 8

CaptionHeight: 20