TRVCamera.Users, MaxUsers

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MaxUsers returns the maximal count of users supported by the camera. Users allow to manage users for the camera (admin rights are required).

property MaxUsers: Integer; // read-only

property Users: TRVCamUserCollection;

TRVCamUserCollection is a collection of TRVCamUser items. Each item has the properties:

UserName: String

Password: String;

Access: TRVUserAccess

type // defined in MRVType unit

  TRVUserAccess = (uaNone, uaPresent, uaVisitor, uaOperator, uaAdmin);

If connected to the camera, any change to this collection or to its items is sent to the camera as it is performed. To prevent sending, use LockCommands/UnlockCommands, then call UpdateUsers.

If the camera supports this property (Users), its value is received from the camera when the component is connected to it, see SearchCamera.