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Allows managing users for an IP camera.

property Users: TRVCamUserCollection;

This property allows reading and modifying a list of IP camera users  (the camera must support it, and admin rights are required).

The current DeviceType must be rvdtIPCamera, and the camera must be found by SearchCamera.

If the camera supports this property (Users), its value is received from the camera when the component is connected to it, see SearchCamera. Some cameras provide a user list without passwords.

To check if the connected camera supports managing user list, check the presence of rvcp_Users in GetAccessibleCamProperties.


TRVCamUserCollection is a collection of TRVCamUser items. Each item has the properties:

UserName: String

Password: String;

Access: TRVUserAccess

type // defined in MRVType unit

  TRVUserAccess = (uaNone, uaPresent, uaVisitor, uaOperator, uaAdmin);

If connected to the camera, any change to this collection or to its items is sent to the camera as it is performed.

It may be inefficient for multiple changes, so TRVCamera implements AddUser and ModifyUser methods.