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TRVCamReceiver receives video and audio from TRVCamSender(s) or TRVMediaServer via the network.

Unit MRVReceiver;


TRVCamReceiver = class(TCustomRVReceiver)



Assign Active=True to activate the receiver. This component receives video and audio data via the Internet from one or more TRVCamSender components. If the receiver can receive from multiple senders, you should add identifiers of senders to Senders.

In addition to audio and video, a receiver also can receive commands, files, and binary data.

Videos received by the receiver can be displayed in TRVCamView or TRVCamMultiView components.

Video and audio received by the receiver can be sent further using TRVCamSender components.

Audio data are played, see Volume and Mute properties.