rvcammultiview TRVCamMultiView

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rvcammultiview TRVCamMultiView

Properties   Events

TRVCamMultiView shows videos from several video sources. Optionally, it can show activity of audio sources.

Unit [VCL and LCL] MRVCamMultiView;

Unit [FMX] fmxMRVCamMultiView;

Syntax [VCL and LCL]

TRVCamMultiView = class(TScrollingWinControl) 

Syntax [FMX]

TRVCamMultiView = class(TCustomScrollBox) 


How to use

Fill the collection of Viewers. Each item in this collection defines a position and properties of one video window inside the control. Properties of items of this collections are similar to properties of TRVCamView component.

Full-screen mode

You can display this viewer expanded to the full screen size by assigning True to FullScreen.

You can allow users to switch to/from a full-screen mode by assigning True to AllowFullScreen.

You can detect switching modes in OnFullScreen event.

Drawing efficiency

See the notes about drawing efficiency in the topics about:

RefreshRate property

Viewers[].ViewMode property.