RVMedia Components | Video

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RVMedia Components | Video


rvcamera TRVCamera – a component allowing to receive a video stream from the camera (and other sources) and configure it.

rvcamcontrol TRVCamControl – a visual component allowing to control the camera movement.

rvcamview TRVCamView – a visual component displaying video from TRVCamera or TRVCamReceiver.

rvcammultiview TRVCamMultiView – a visual component displaying videos from multiple sources.

rvcamrecorder TRVCamRecorder – a component for recording audio and video files from TRVCamera (maybe with TRVCamSound), TRVMicrophone or TRVCamReceiver.

rvwebcamdialog TRVWebCamDialog – a component for displaying a dialog window allowing to change USB webcam properties