rvcamsound TRVCamSound

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rvcamsound TRVCamSound

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TRVCamSound reads sound from videos received by TRVCamera component.

Unit [VCL and LCL] MRVCamSound;

Unit [FMX] fmxMRVCamSound


TRVCamSound = class(TCustomRVMicrophone)



This component can be considered is an extension of TRVCamera component (linked using Camera property).

Without TRVCamSound, TRVCamera can receive only video without sound.

A pair of TRVCamera+TRVCamSound components can receive video with sound.


1. This component works only if video is played using FFmpeg (from IP camera, network video stream or a local file).

2. The component supports only the following sound formats: mono or stereo sound, with 8 or 16 bits per sample. If a video has another sound format, sound is converted the the supported format.

How to use

Assign TRVCamera component to Camera property. Make sure that RVCamera.FFmpegProperty.Audio = True (otherwise sound will not be read).

TRVCamSound can be assigned as an AudioSource to TRVCamSender to send sound to the network.

TRVCamSound can be assigned as an AudioSource to TRVMicrophoneView to visualize sound.

This component does not play sound itself. To play sound, assign TRVAudioPlayer component to AudioOutput property. Assigned AudioOutput is important to synchronize video playback to audio playback (otherwise, they are read without attempts to synchronize video and audio).