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Defines the audio source for the default (the 0th) media channel.

property AudioSource: TRVAudioSource;

You can assign TRVMicrophone or TRVCamSound component to this property. Alternatively, if TRVCamReceiver is used as a video source, it also can be used as an audio source.

Media channels

TRVCamSender can send video and audio in multiple channels. The default (0th) channel is defined by AudioSource and VideoSource properties. Other channels are defined in ExtraMediaSources property.

Properties necessary to specify audio source completely

In the simplest case, sound is read from TRVMicrophone or TRVCamSound component assigned to this property. No additional property settings are required.

But when reading sound from TRVCamReceiver, you need to specify additional properties, because this receiver can receive data from multiple senders, and each sender may send multiple media channels. In this case, in addition to assigning TRVCamReceiver to VideoSource, you need to specify:

SourceGUID to specify the sender

SourceAudioIndex to specify media channel of the sender specified in SourceGUID

See the scheme in the topic about SourceAudioIndex.

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