rvmicrophone TRVMicrophone

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rvmicrophone TRVMicrophone

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TRVMicrophone reads sound from a microphone.

Unit [VCL and LCL] MRVMicrophone;

Unit [FMX] fmxMRVMicrophone


TRVMicrophone = class(TCustomRVMicrophone)



This component publishes properties inhertied from TCustomRVMicrophone.

How to use

TRVMicrophone can be assigned as an AudioSource to TRVCamSender to send sound to the network.

TRVMicrophone can be assigned as an AudioSource to TRVMicrophoneView to visualize its activity.

This component does not play sound itself. To play sound, assign TRVAudioPlayer component to AudioOutput property.

Other audio source components

TRVCamSound (sound from videos received by TRVCamera component).

Platform notes

Linux (Lazarus): RVMedia uses ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) to record sound. If ALSA is not available, it falls back to OSS (Open Sound System). However, an OSS support has less functionality, so ALSA is highly recommended.