rvcamrecorder TRVCamRecorder

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rvcamrecorder TRVCamRecorder

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A video (and audio) recording component.

Unit [VCL and LCL] MRVCamRecorder;

Unit [FMX] fmxMRVCamRecorder;


TRVCamRecorder = class (TComponent)



This component can be used to record video and audio files.

The component works only if FFmpeg library is available to the application.

To record video, assign TRVCamera or TRVCamReceiver component to VideoSource property.

To record sound, assign o TRVMicrophone or TRVCamSound or TRVCamReceiver component to AudioSource property.

Recording is started to OutputFileName when you assign True to Active.


Video format is specified in VideoCodec, audio format in AudioCodec properties (or, if you know the exact codec names, in VideoCodecName and AudioCodecName properties).

Warning: Some video and audio formats may be patent-protected in some countries, and supporting these formats will require from you obtaining licenses from the patent owners.

The following properties define audio parameters: AudioBitrate, AudioSampleRate, AudioChannels, AudioSampleFormat.

The following properties define video parameters: VideoBitrate, VideoFramePerSec, VideoWidth, VideoHeight, VideoAutoSize, VideoEncodeParameters.