TRVCamRecorder.AudioCodecName, VideoCodecName

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TRVCamRecorder.AudioCodecName, VideoCodecName

The properties specify FFmpeg codecs for encoding audio and video.

property AudioCodecName: String;
property VideoCodecName: String;

Normally, you should use AudioCodec and VideoCodec properties instead of these low-level properties.

You can use these properties to define the exact codecs that are not default for specific audio/video stream formats (such as codecs that use hardware acceleration and depend on specific hardware).

For successful file encoding, codecs must be available and compatible with the file format (determined by OutputFileName file extension).

If codecs with these names are not available, the component falls back to AudioCodec and VideoCodec.

You can use GetListOfAudioEncoders and GetListOfVideoEncoders functions to get possible values of these properties.

Warning: Some video and audio formats may be patent-protected in some countries, and supporting these formats will require from you obtaining licenses from the patent owners.

Default values:

'' (empty strings)