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A collection of viewer windows.


  TRVCamViewCollection = class(TCollection);

  TRVCamViewItem = class(TCollectionItem)

property Viewers: TRVCamViewCollection;

This is a collection of TRVCamViewItem items. Each item defines properties of one viewer window.

Properties for video viewer

An item in this collection has the same properties as TRVCamView component (the links below are to the corresponding properties of TRVCamView component):

Left, Top, Width, Height


GUIDFrom, IndexFrom

Title, CaptionParts, ShowCaption, CaptionColor





Additionally, if UseFramePerSec=True (default is False), FramePerSec is assigned to the corresponding TRVCamView.VideoSource.FramePerSec (see also about main viewers).

By default, Color and CaptionColor properties are equal to clNone. It means that the properties of this TRVCamMultiView is used instead (ViewerColor and CaptionColor)

Some viewers can be chosen as main viewers: assign MainViewer=True. Main viewers display videos from the selected viewer, see ViewerIndex. Normally, it makes sense to assign only one main viewer, and make its window larger than other viewers. When the viewer becomes selected, FramePerSec and UseFramePerSec of the main viewer is used instead of the properties of the selected viewer (if there are several main viewers, the maximum of their FramePerSec is used). So you can specify the lager FPS value for the selected window than for normal windows.

Properties for audio viewer

In addition to video viewer, a viewer window may have an optional audio viewer (an integrated TRVMicrophoneView component). It is controlled by the following properties:

AudioViewer: Boolean shows/hides an audio viewer (default value = False)

AlignAudioViewer: TRVAlignAudioViewer defines the position of the audio viewer (default value = rvaavRight)

  TRVAlignAudioViewer = (rvaavTop, rvaavBottom, rvaavLeft, rvaavRight, rvaavClient);




Audio viewer above video viewer


Audio viewer below video viewer


Audio viewer to the left side of video viewer


Audio viewer to the right side of video viewer


Audio viewer occupies the whole area, hiding video viewer

If VideoSource property points to TRVCamReceiver, an audio viewer displays activity of this receiver: VideoSource and GUIDFrom are assigned to ReceiverSource and GUIDFrom properties of the integrated TRVMicrophoneView component, respectively.

If VideoSource property points to TRVCamera, an audio viewer displays activity of the component linked to AudioSource property of the parent TRVCamMultiView.