TRVVideoSource.FramePerSec, FramePerSecInt

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TRVVideoSource.FramePerSec, FramePerSecInt

FramePerSec changes a frame per second value (frame rate), if supported by the source (e.g. IP camera).

property FramePerSec: Double;
property FramePerSecInt: Integer; // read-only

Additionally, TRVCamera uses this property when playing MJPEG file.

Fractional values can be used in TRVCamera, if DeviсeType = rvdtWebCamera, rvdtDesktop, or rvdtUserData, or when playing MJPEG files. Otherwise, it is rounded to the integer value (minimum 1). The integer value is returned in FramePerSecInt property.

This property is ignored in TRVCamReceiver.

Default value