TRVCamView.GUIDFrom, IndexFrom

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These properties specify the unique identifier of the video source, if VideoSource is TRVCamReceiver, and index of its media channel.

property GUIDFrom: String;

property IndexFrom: Integer;

These properties are ignored when this viewer displays video from TRVCamera.

If VideoSource is TRVCamReceiver, the viewer displays a video stream having the same GUID value.

Initially, a video identifier is generated in TRVCamSender component and identifies this sender (TRVCamSender.GUIDFrom property). Then you need to  add this identifier to Senders property of TRVCamReceiver component. Then you need to connect a viewer to this receiver, and assign its GUIDFrom equal to one of receiver.Senders[].GUIDFrom.

If TRVCamSender has multiple media channels, assign the index of the desired channel to IndexFrom; otherwise, leave IndexFrom = 0.

Default values

GUIDFrom: '' (empty string)

IndexFrom: 0