TRVCamSender.GUIDFrom, UseGUID

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TRVCamSender.GUIDFrom, UseGUID

The properties allow to specify an unique identifier for this sender.

property UseGUID: Boolean

property GUIDFrom: String;

If UseGUID=True, a GUIDFrom is sent with data, allowing for the receiver to distinguish videos from different senders.

If you want to communicate with TRVMediaServer component, UseGUID must be True (otherwise the server rejects data from this sender).

If UseGUID=False, data can be sent only to TRVCamReceiver component accepting data from any GUIDs.

If UseGUID=True, GUIDFrom must not be all-zero (i.e. '{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}').

Default values

UseGUID: True

GUID: auto-generated value