TRVCamMultiView.CaptionColor, CaptionFont, CaptionHeight

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TRVCamMultiView.CaptionColor, CaptionFont, CaptionHeight

The properties define how the caption of viewer windows is displayed.

property CaptionColor: TColor;

property CaptionFont: TFont;

property CaptionHeight: Integer;

CaptionColor is a default background color for captions of viewer windows (it can be overridden by Viewers[].CaptionColor).

CaptionFont is a font for a text in captions.

CaptionHeight defines the caption height in 96 DPI screen mode. When the screen DPI is different, the caption height is changed accordingly.

Other caption properties are customized for each viewer: Title, CaptionParts, ShowCaption, CaptionColor.

Default values

CaptionColor: $00A77E4F

CaptionFont: MS Sans Serif, 8

CaptionHeight: 20

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