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Occurs in response to TRVCamSender.GetGroupInfo


  TRVGroupInfoEvent = procedure(Sender: TRVCamReceiver;

    SessionKey: TRVSessionKey;
    const GUIDGroup: TRVMAnsiString

    const AGUIDOwner, AGroupName : TRVMAnsiString

    ACmd : TRVCmd) of object;

property OnGetGroupInfo: TRVGroupInfoEvent;

This event occurs when a pair of TRVCamSender and TRVCamReceiver (inside a single application) is connected to TRVMediaServer via the network as a client.

TRVCamSender.GetGroupInfo requests information about the group. The server sends this information to a receiver, and OnGetGroupInfo occurs.


GUIDGroup – identifier of the group (the same as the parameter of TRVCamSender.GetGroupInfo)

AGUIDOwner – identifier of the client who created this group.

AGroupNamename of the group (the same as the parameter of TRVCamSender.JoinGroup, when this group was created)

ACmd – a command containing this information.

If you perform time consuming operations inside an event, it makes sense to compare values of SessionKey parameter and SessionKey property, to make sure that a connection was not closed or reopened.

Do not display modal forms in this event

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