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Enables a mode of sending differences between frames.

property FrameDifferenceInterval: Word 

This mode works only if Encoding is rvet*Change.

Assigning a positive value to this property turns on a mode where only differences between frames is sent.

The value specified a number of video frames in a chain. For example, if FrameDifferenceInterval=5, a chain consists of 5 frames: the first frame is sent as it is, the subsequent 4 frames are sent as differences between the new and the old frame.

This settings reduces traffic, but:

it requires more calculations on the sender side;

if at least one frame is lost or corrupted (it is possible in UDP mode), drawing subsequent frames leads to artifacts appearing

The frame counter is reset not only when reaching FrameDifferenceInterval, but also by reaching FullFrameInterval, so it does not make sense to have FrameDifferenceInterval>FullFrameInterval.

Default value