TRVCamSender.OnSendCmd, OnSentCmd

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TRVCamSender.OnSendCmd, OnSentCmd

Occurs when a command is sent.

type // defined in MRVCmd unit
  TRVCmdWriteEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;

    SessionKey: TRVSessionKey;
    Cmd: TRVCmd; nGUIDFrom, nGUIDTo, nGUIDGroup: TGUID;

    AMediaIndex : Word) of object;

property OnSendCmd: TRVCmdWriteEvent;

property OnSentCmd: TRVCmdWriteEvent;

These events are called only if ShowCmd=True.

Commands are sent by SendCmd method (and other methods that call SendCmd internally to send special commands).

OnSendCmd occurs when command sending is initiated (i.e. when SendCmd is called). This event can be used for debugging purposes.

OnSentCmd occurs after the command is sent.

These events may be called in a thread context, so do not update user interface (or make any other operation that requires a context of the main process) in this event.