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Occurs when sender is about to send a video frame from VideoSource (or ExtraMediaSources)

You can use this event to compress or encrypt video data.

type // defined in MRVType unit

  TRVEncodeVideoEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;

    AStream: TMemoryStream;
    var ADataSize: Integer; AVideoIndex: Word;

    ImageType: Byte) of object;

property OnEncodeVideo: TRVEncodeVideoEvent;

AStream contains a video frame. Only initial ADataSize bytes in this stream are used.

AVideoIndex identifies the audio source (0 for VideoSource, 1 or greater for ExtraMediaSources).

The format of data in AStream is identified by ImageType parameter. It may be one of:

  rvtiJPEG = 1;
  rvtiHWL = 2;
  rvtiBMP = 3;
  rvtiPNG = 4;

If the sender sends changed areas, this event is called for every changed area on a video frame. Otherwise, it is called for the whole video frame.

You can encode a video data, and write it back to AStream. Update ADataSize accordingly.

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