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Specifies the delay (in ms) before displaying an animation that shows that the component waits for a next video frame.

property WaitAnimationDelay: Integer;

This animation is displayed only of VideoSource is TRVCamera. A countdown to the animation starts when video starts playing (when TRVCamera.OnStartVideoStream or OnStartVideoFile is called) and resets when a next video frame is drawn.

Note 1: Video must be started after linking this viewer to the camera (i.e. OnStartVideoStream or OnStartVideoFile must happen when the components are linked), otherwise an animation will not be displayed.

Note 2: The following events stops a countdown and an animation: VideoSource is changed; video is stopped (when TRVCamera.OnEndVideoStream or OnEndVideoFile is called).

Assign a zero value to this property to disable this feature.

Default value

3000 (3 seconds)

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