TRVMediaServer.OnUserConnect, OnUserDisconnect

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TRVMediaServer.OnUserConnect, OnUserDisconnect

Occurs when a connection to client is created/closed.

  TRVMSUserEvent = procedure(Sender: TRVMediaServerconst GUIDUser: TRVMAnsiString;
    MediaType: TRVMediaTypeof object;
property OnUserConnect: TRVMSUserEvent;
property OnUserDisconnect: TRVMSUserEvent;

The events occur when a channel to client's TRVCamReceiver is created/closed.

GUIDUser identifies the client, it is equal to TRVCamReceiver.GUIDMy.

MediaType is a data type for the channel.

These events are called in a thread context. Do not update user interface (or make any other operation that requires a context of the main process) in these events.

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