Types in RVMedia

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Types in RVMedia

Audio and Video Decoding/Encoding

TRVAudioCodec – a codec for sound recording.

TRVVideoCodec – a codec for video recording.

TRVBitsPerSample – a format of sound samples (simple version).

TRVSampleFormat – a format of sound samples (advanced version).

TRVSamplesPerSec – a sound sample rate.

TRVFFmpegFilter – image scaling method

Data Transfer

TRVChangedAreaProcessingMode affect processing of changed areas before sending.

TRVCompressionType – a compression of data before sending.

TRVBoundsTestMode activates a test sending mode that shows changed areas of frames.

TRVEncodingType – a video encoding type.

TRVMediaType – a media type.

TRVParamType – a type of a command parameter.

TRVProtocol – a data transfer protocol.

TRVSessionKey – a session key.

TRVSocket – a socket.

TRVTCPConnectionType specifies how sender and receiver initiate connections.

TRVVideoResolution – a resolution of video when sending.

Types for TRVCamera

TRVCameraType, TRVCameraTypes – types of IP cameras.

TRVCamVideoMode, TRVColorModel – a video mode of a USB web camera.

TRVColorControlProperty – a color control property (brightness, contrast, etc.)

TRVDesktopVideoMode – a video mode of a desktop.

TRVJpegIntegrity specifies how JPEG images are checked when receiving JPEG or MJPEG streams.

TRVVideoResolution – a desired video resolution.

Other Types

TRVMAnsiString – a text string.

TRVCamMoveMode – camera movement control mode for video viewers.

TRVMLanguage – a UI language.

TRVMRect, TRVMPoint, TRVUnitSize – coordinates.

TRVMRenderMode – a video rendering mode.

Types of Events

These types are used for several events in different components: