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A protocol used to send data between TRVCamSender and TRVCamReceiver, or between TRVCamSender and TRVMediaServer.

Unit [VCL and LCL] MRVType;

Unit [FMX] fmxMRVType;


  TRVProtocol = (rvpTCP, rvpUDP, rvpHTTP);

UDP uses a simple transmission model with a minimum of protocol mechanism. UDP is fast but unreliable: there is no guarantee of delivery, ordering or duplicate protection. Recommended for sending video and audio, especially video. Highly not recommended for sending other types of data (binary data, files, commands).

TCP and HTTP provide a reliable, ordered delivery. HTTP is necessary to connect using a proxy server, or when a server has a symbolic name (URL). Otherwise, you can use TCP.

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