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ReportWorkshop Overview | Scripts

Scripts in reports

Script is a text string containing commands to execute.

Scripts are executed on report generation, when certain events occur.

The following scripts are available:

Script_OnStart, Script_BeforeRecord, Script_AfterRecord, Script_OnEnd associated with a whole report template

Script_OnStart, Script_BeforeRecord, Script_AfterRecord, Script_OnEnd associated with a table row generation rule.

The main purpose of scripts is calculation of values of variables.


Each script line is one command.

Empty lines and lines that start from "//" are ignored.

The script supports the commands: $if, $else, $endif, $set. Each line must include exactly one command.

The syntax of commands is the same as the syntax of commands that can be inserted as a field in text.

In scripts, the initial "$" character can be omitted, so you can write both

set %myvar = 1


$set %myvar = 1


Let we have the following variables:

%count - the count of items;

%sum_price - the sum of prices of all items.

We need to calculate an average price and assign it to %avg_price variable.

The script is:

if +%count=0

set %avg_price = 0


set %avg_price = +%sum_price/+%count


Note 1: since all variables are text variables, we need to convert them to numbers before calculation. We do it using "+" operator. See details in the topic about expressions.

Note 2: we cannot use this code:

// wrong code

set %avg_price = If(+%count=0,0,+%sum_price/+%count)

It's because If() calculates all its parameters, and a division by zero would occur if %count = '0'.