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Occurs before processing a record of a query processor.


  TRVProcessRecordEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRVReportGenerator;

    const DataQuery: TRVUnicodeString; Rule: TRVRowGenerationRule;

    Cell: TRVReportTableCellData;

    Session: TRVReportGenerationSession; RecNo: Integer;

    QueryProcessor: TRVReportQueryProcessorof object;


property OnProcessRecord: TRVProcessRecordEvent;

This event may be used to assign values to variables based on the data from this record.


DataQuery – a data query string (such as SQL SELECT statement). This string is already processed: data fields and variables in it are replaced to their values.

Rule – a row generation rule of a report table. This parameter is assigned if the DataQuery belongs to this rule, otherwise, it is nil.

Cell – a cell of a report table.This parameter is assigned if the DataQuery belongs to this cell, otherwise, it is nil.

Session – an object representing a report generation session. It can be used to get values of variables and data fields.

RecNo – index of the record in the results of QueryProcessor, in the range 0..QueryProcessor.GetRecordCount-1.

QueryProcessor – a query processor created to process DataQuery.

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