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Allows or disallows clearing summary columns containing no values.

property ClearEmptySummaryCols: Boolean;

This value affects summary columns started on the next cross-tab level.

For example, in this template (the colored cells belong to the cross-tab header, the light blue color denotes the header for summary columns), the summary column is affected by TRVReportTableItemInfo.CrossTabulation.Levels[0].ClearEmptySummaryCols.




Total for {#Category}




If the whole group of columns to the left of the summary column(s) contain no values, they are cleared and replaced to Table.CrossTabulation.TextForEmptyCells.

Note: as you can see, this property affects only summary columns inside the cross-tab columns. It does not affect to summary columns for the whole rows, and to summary rows, they cannot be cleared.

Default value