TRVCrossTabLevel.MinValue, MaxValue, Step

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TRVCrossTabLevel.MinValue, MaxValue, Step

The properties define a range of field values to generate columns of this cross-tab report level.

property MinValue: Variant;
property MaxValue: Variant;
property Step: Variant;

These properties are used only if TRVReportTableItemInfo.CrossTabulation.ColumnGenerationType = rvcgtRange.

For this column generation type, columns are generated from values in the specified range, without using data queries.

The first value for the columns is MinValue, the next value is MinValue + Step, the next value is MinValue + Step*2, and so on, until the value exceeds MaxValue. MinValue is always included, MaxValue is included if incrementing by Step allows it (or for boolean values, where Step is ignored).


allowed variant types: floating point values, integer values, date-time, boolean;

MaxValue and MinValue must be of the same type (for example, floating point MaxValue and integer MinValue are not allowed);

Step must have the same type as well*, with the exception: for date-time MinValue and MaxValue, Step must be a floating point value;

Step must not be zero*;

if MinValue < MaxValue, Step must be positive, if MinValue > MaxValue, Step must be negative*.


* Step is ignored for boolean values, and if MinValue = MaxValue

Default values:


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