action_shape TrvrActionInsertShape

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action_shape TrvrActionInsertShape

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TrvrActionInsertShape is an action for inserting a geometric shape at the caret position of the editor.

This action is not related to reporting, it simply reuses shape drawing functions implemented for value visualizers.

Unit RVReportShapeAction;


TrvrActionInsertShape = class (TrvAction);



The action has the same properties as the shape item, defining its shape, colors and size. These properties are assigned to inserted items.

If UserInterface = False, the specified shape is simply inserted in the editor.

If UserInterface = True, the action shows a shape selection window and inserts the chosen shape.


TrvActionItemProperties action allows editing properties of shape items. It displays a dialog which has "Default" check box. If checked, values entered in this dialog are applied to all TrvrActionInsertShape action on the same form as TrvActionItemProperties, changing their properties.