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Report Workshop includes a set of actions for editing report templates. They can be used in addition to other RichViewActions.

Report properties

action_report-settings TrvrActionDocProperties allows editing report-related document properties

Properties of report tables

action_generation-rules TrvrActionRowGenerationRules allows editing row generation rules.

action_cross-table TrvrActionCrossTab allows editing a cross tabulation.

action_report-cell-settings TrvrActionCellProperties allows editing report table cell properties, as well as BackgroundVisualizers and BackgroundColorChangers collections

The actions above may be applied to normal tables: they converts them to report tables (after a confirmation)

Additional reporting actions

action_table-to-report TrvrActionConvertToReportTable converts the selected normal table to a report table.

action_insert-report-table TrvrActionInsertTable creates a new a report table.

These actions are redundant, because the actions for editing report table properties may convert normal tables to report tables.

Other actions

action_shape TrvrActionInsertShape inserts a geometric shape into the editor.