Report Workshop

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Report Workshop

Report Workshop is a set of VCL components producing reports from templates. Report Workshop is an add-on to TRichView components.


What's new?


report templates are word-processing documents, so users can use a customary user interface to create them;

resulting reports are word-processing documents as well, so users can print them, exported to HTML, DocX or RTF;

resulting report may contain hyperlinks not only to external URLs, but to other fragments of the report;

the report generator works by (1) applying data queries to the whole document, rows of tables or to table cell content, replicating them for each record of returned data; (2) replacing field codes with values;

although Report Workshop allows some commands to be inserted in text of templates, users do not need to know any special programming/scripting language to create report templates (except for a data query language, such as SQL);

the main example of data query is SQL select statement, but Report Workshop allows using other, not necessary database-related, sources of data;

Report Workshop implements data providers for LiveBindings, many popular database components, other database components can be used as well.

rich set of visualizers for numerical values

any number of nested sub-reports

very flexible cross-tab reports.


Definition of the main Report Workshop terms

Template syntax:


Data fields



Cross-tab header fields


Data field types

Format strings

Report tables


Report generation

rvreportgenerator TRVReportGenerator: a component for making reports

Data providers

A list of data provider components

Additional components

trvshape TRVShape: a component that draws a shape, such as circle, polygon, star, flag, emoticon, etc.


Report Workshop includes a set of actions providing user interface for editing report templates.