bindsourcedataprovider TRVReportBindSourceDataProvider [DXE3+]

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bindsourcedataprovider TRVReportBindSourceDataProvider [DXE3+]

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A data provider that gets data using LiveBindings sources.

Unit RVReportBindSourceDataProvider;


TRVReportBindSourceDataProvider = class (TRVReportDataProvider)



Use this component to provide data using LiveBindings. To define sources, add items to BindSources collection. Each item is a pair of (Name, BindSource) or (Name, BindSourceAdapter).

This data provider handles the following data queries:

BindSource (or BindSourceAdapter) name (must be equal to one of BindSources[].Name)

A data provider receives data query strings from TRVReportGenerator components, and creates TRVReportBindSourceAdapterQueryProcessor objects to handle them. Normally, this process is invisible for you, TRVReportBindSourceAdapterQueryProcessor is used internally. You only need to provide a BindSource/BindSourceAdapter object.

The design of this component is very similar to the design of TRVReportDBDataProvider. While this component gets data from BindSources collection, TRVReportDBDataProvider gets data from its DataSets collection.

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