TRVReportBindSourceAdapterQueryProcessor [DXE3+]


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TRVReportBindSourceAdapterQueryProcessor [DXE3+]


The class of an object processing a database-related data query.

unit RVReportBindSourceDataProvider;

TRVReportTValueQueryProcessor = class (TRVReportQueryProcessor);

TRVReportBindSourceAdapterQueryProcessor =

  class (TRVReportTValueQueryProcessor);



This class is a wrapper for TBindSourceAdapter-based components.

It provides data of the following types: String, integer and floating point values, Boolean, TDate, TTime, TDateTime, bitmaps (from TBitmap), memos (from TStringList).

This query processor is created by TRVReportBindSourceDataProvider component.

Normally, this class is used internally in TRVReportGenerator component, and you need information about this class only if you want to implement your own non-standard query processor.

However, this class may be useful to get values of data fields, if you want to assign values for variables basing on data in OnProcessRecord event.

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