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An expression to calculate.

property ValueString: TRVUnicodeString;

When generating reports, TRVReportGenerator evaluates an expression stored in this string and store the result in the corresponding report table cell. Later, the result of this evaluation will be visualized on this cell background.

The syntax is similar to data fields, but:

curly brackets are not used;

format string is not supported.


<value string> ::= [']<full data field name>['][ <type>] | [']%<variable name>['][ <type>] | [']#<cross-tab field>['][ <type>] |
[']<aggregate function name>(<param>)['][ <type>] | [']=<expression text>['][ <type>]

<type>, if specified, may be one of: int, float, bool.


'Myquery:Myfield' – value of 'Myfield' field from the result of 'Myquery' row generation rule

'%count' – value of 'count' variable

'sum(salary)' – sum of 'salary' field values for cross-tab reports (a set of values to summarize depends on the cell location, it may be in a summary column or in a summary row)

Default value

'' (empty string)