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TRVReportCustomValueVisualizerBase is a base class for color changers and value visualizers.

Unit RVReportColorChanger;


TRVReportCustomValueVisualizerBase = class (TCollectionItem)



This class is not used directly.

Two groups of objects are inherited from this class:

color changers,

value visualizers.

Color changers are represented by a single class TRVReportColorChangerItem. This is a class of items in TRVReportTableItemInfo.BackgroundColorChangers. Color changers allow modifying background color and opacity for cells depending on the value of expression calculated for these cells.

There are many value visualizers available, all of them are inherited from TRVReportCustomValueVisualizer. They are classes of items in TRVReportTableItemInfo.BackgroundVisualizers. Value visualizers allow showing values at the background of cells in different ways: as shapes of different size or color, histograms, gauges, pies, etc.

TRVReportCustomValueVisualizerBase contains properties necessary for all color changers and visualizers:

ValueString – expression to evaluate for cells

MinValue, MaxValue, AutoMinValue, AutoMaxValue – properties for calibration of visualizers

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