rvibcdataprovider TRVReportIBCDataProvider [VCL]


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rvibcdataprovider TRVReportIBCDataProvider [VCL]


A data provider receiving data from InterBase and Firebird databases via IBDAC.

Unit RVReportIBCDataProvider;


TRVReportIBCDataProvider = class (TRVReportCustomDBDataProvider)



This component provides data for a report generator component from InterBase and Firebird databases via IBDAC components by Devart.

This data provider handles the following data queries:

SQL select statement

table name

To use this component, assign it to DataProvider property of TRVReportGenerator.

TRVReportIBCDataProvider introduces properties:

property Connection: TIBCConnection;

Also: Transaction, Options, FetchRows, FetchAll, DataTypeMap, Encryption, SmartFetch properties, AfterQueryExecute, AfterQueryFetch events.

Internally, the component uses temporal TIBCQuery and TIBCTable components to handle data queries. The data provider properties and events are assigned to these components. If you want to assign additional properties to them, use OnDataSetCreated event.

In addition to the default query processing, you can provide another DataSet component in OnCreateDataSet event. This DataSet is not necessary needed to be TIBCQuery or TIBCTable.

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